Finding yourself at a crossroads in your career can be an uncomfortable discovery, and a crossroads point can mean many things. Perhaps you’re thinking of quitting entirely. Maybe you’re leaning towards changing specialties. Or you might be thinking about changing salons or even opening your own. You know you want to make some kind of change, but you aren’t sure it’s the right one – here are some ideas you can consider to make yourself feel more confident about this scary but exciting time.

Male hair stylist blowdrying a woman’s hair.

How will this change me?

Making a significant change in your career will undoubtedly change you. Whether you’re looking to switch specialties or start your own salon or change from hair to something completely different like nails it will affect your life. The questions you need to consider are how it will affect you. Will it take more time and commitment on your part? Will it allow you to spend more time with your family? As 99u points out the question of who you will become applies to anyone whether you’re at the beginning of your career or you’re two decades in.

Don’t make it all about the money

Money is naturally a consideration in nearly everything we do – it’s just the way life is. However, when you’re contemplating your career crossroads take money off the table at least for a while. A bump in salary would be nice but don’t rely solely on that to make your decision. As ERE Media points out, sometimes money can distort your decision-making. Search your feelings about the change as if money didn’t play a role in at all. If you won the lottery would you still want to do whatever you’re thinking about doing? If there was no financial benefit (or cost) to what you’re considering would you still do it?

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Remember that you’re not alone

While it may feel like you’re the only one who has ever been faced with such a momentous decision and no one can get what you’re going through it’s just not the case. Please know that you are not alone. Understand that this is a growth process and growth is often uncomfortable but can lead to miraculous things. Positively Positive points out that all kinds of people face crossroads – high-powered executives, athletes, musicians, parents, and so on. Everybody can face these kinds of decisions, so take heart in knowing you’re not the first.

If you find yourself at a crossroads in your hair styling career and aren’t sure what to do, don’t hesitate to contact us because we’d love to help.


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