Top 5 Reasons To Get Into A Coaching Relationship Now

Top 5 Reasons To Get Into A Coaching Relationship Now

Your Best Relationship Yet

We’ve talked about coaching as being a relationship like no other, right? So, we thought here we want to share WHY coaching is the best idea moving forward in 2021.

The beauty industry was broadsided in 2020, and depending on where you live, your ability to actually work in your salon may still be inhibited. While it is true the beauty industry was sent reeling, there is no industry that will actually thrive and soar in 2021 and beyond.

My projection is that people will return to salons and their  hairstylists in droves, and they will want to be pampered like no other time before. For the businesses that have been able to stay in business, you have everything to gain by doing your homework now.

You need to come up with a plan to succeed this year to accommodate the changes in the customer psyche, and changes in the marketplace, and overall business strategies.  

Hiring a coach to support you as you do so is the best investment. These are the top 5 reasons we believe so:

Reason #1 Accountability

A coach provides the accountability that you need to get things done. Often when we set goals or say we want something to happen, it can be easy to let our dreams slowly slip away because it is too hard to attain, or things don’t happen fast enough, or things switch on a dime.

Our attention span can go off in a million directions. But we don’t just set goals as busy work. These dreams come from a deep place within, a clear place of knowing, and these goals are worthy of manifesting in a very concrete way. They don’t come from shoulds, could or would haves.

All too often we can fall into the masculine way of doing business, instead of working from the inside out. For example, working harder, longer, without lunch. Or, keeping ourselves so  busy, we end up not taking care of ourselves. We end up going against what we know is right ourselves. 

In contrast, honoring the feminine way of working requires listening from within, intuition, communicating, and making space for the wisdom, and respecting the wisdom of others

Reason #2 Witnessing

My role as a coach is not cut from the masculine model. My work comes from an understanding that my ability to listen is the most valuable gift.You have everything inside you to change your behavior, I am here to listen, witness, and guide you.

Through listening, your truth speaks loud, all the superficial meanderings float away, and your deep knowing has a way of surfacing.

You see, most of us don’t allow enough silence to actually see and hear our inner calling. We are too busy flailing that we can’t hear the wisdom that is there for us.

Reason #3 Expertise

A coaching relationship with someone that has expertise in the beauty industry is a real plus. 

The hours one has applied in the field is worth gold. This is where the rubber meets the road, how your coach has come back from their falls. 

What kind of person are they? What are they made of? How have they transformed their own lives to make space for others to transform? It doesn’t mean they drudge through their story with you, but that they can support you through yours without their own baggage getting in the way.

Reason #4 Truth

No matter how much the industry has evolved, there are universal truths that cannot be denied. These truths allow the relationship to be clean, honest, and allows you to open to your innermost reality. This is where true transformation occurs. 

A wise coach does not fear the truth and allows room for you to come to your own. They don’t rush to fill the space with nonsense.

Reason #5 Results

Of course, the bottom line is, we want results. We want our lives to move in a positive direction. I want that for you. 

I want you to feel supported in facing what is the real energy drain in your life, whatever area that may be. Often when one area is out of whack, it can bring down your energy in other areas.

Coaching has been proven to increase a person’s self-confidence by 80%, improve work performance, relationships and communication skills by 70%.*  The numbers speak for itself.  A coaching relationship can help you maximize your potential.

Are You Ready?

Let’s discover your truth together, and help you achieve the dreams you don’t even know you have. Feel free to reach out to me via email at [email protected] or book a free consultation call with me here.

The Language of Giving

The Language of Giving

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill

Giving is a language we all understand. You give something, and you see people smile and feel better. The concept is simple by nature, yet complicated by us.



We spend most of the year trying to get, to make money, so that we can live happy lives. This time of year can be full of expectations, and giving can seem forced; you may feel pressured to buy things that you later regret. Maybe you are spending more than you budgeted. The feel-good part of giving can get lost in the holiday’s mania and leave us feeling angry and not very generous.


Consider this– when you give, you can experience joy, ease anxiety, and help yourself sleep better. Giving, when done freely, brings lasting happiness to your own life. It is a way of life that underscores just how powerful a role generosity can play by helping us feel connected to our families, friends, and community at large.


Giving back to the community


When I opened my studio six years ago, I understood the next frontier was supporting my community by giving haircuts to people who lacked access to regular grooming services. 


On my drive to my studio each morning, I witnessed the growing number of the homeless lining the streets. I struggled throughout my career to find meaning in my work. I asked myself, “What could I give?” A haircut seemed the obvious choice. I called community organizations to see if they could use my services. They answered with a resounding, “YES!”. Over three years, we offered 1500 haircuts to the Bay Area’s unhoused and low-income people.


Although my nonprofit is closing this year because of the pandemic, when I reflect on the experience of gathering 200 volunteers, hairstylists, barbers, manicurists, and makeup artists, I am left with awe. 


As a diverse coalition of beauty professionals, we experienced joy together for the greater good will be remembered. Soon into the work, it became apparent that we realized the giving was coming from the people we served in the giving. They opened to us and allowed us to care for them.


The experience has left an indelible mark on me. Even though the nonprofit is coming to an end, I believe I will always give. I will always find a way to serve because I know this creates more profound meaning in my life, and the language of giving is spoken of or heard; it is a silent language.


Giving your time and resources


Now, I’m not saying that having your nonprofit is the only way to experience the joy of giving. But what I am saying is that each of us must find our way of giving, which satisfies, adds meaning to our lives and those we serve. 


Sharing your time and resources creates a pathway of exchange in your communities and is vital to the services they offer. Giving is the language that all people can feel whether you are the giver or receiver. 


We don’t have to spend to give either. The gift can be free. Consider giving your time at a local shelter, or perhaps design work is your specialty or social media. All organizations need help, particularly now. The gesture doesn’t need to be grand to be significant.  


Many organizations will be ending their work in the community because of the pandemic. So, even though you may feel tapped of resources, giving your time is gold, and you will be paid back far beyond what money can buy.


Giving as receiving


When we work towards the greater good, our tank gets filled in the process. Giving is the key to happiness. Give often and freely. You will see the reduction of depression, anxiety, fear, and loneliness. You will see the interconnectedness between us all. What a great gift that is.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Are You Ready to Move Into Your Growth Zone?

Are You Ready to Move Into Your Growth Zone?

A Growth Relationship


Coaching is a relationship like no other. The connection is not one like your family that may keep you in the role of daughter or sister. Not your friend, who most likely doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, not your salon owner, who sometimes has their agenda, nor your therapist, if you have one. 



A great coach builds on your strengths and sees your weaknesses as areas of opportunity for growth. The relationship is about supporting you in your development and achieving and being the greatness you desire.


When I coach people, we start with a coaching conversation to see where you are in each of our program’s three pillars. We look at your personal life, career, and relationships.  I listen for where you struggle, where you short circuit the joy or get in your way of living the kind of life you say you want. We start right where you are and build from there.


A Coaching Plan Walkthrough

Before our first meeting, you will receive homework via email to go over it together in our first session. We cover a lot of ground since our two-month session goes pretty quickly. Your full engagement is essential. We then virtually embark on our work, meeting for an hour, every two weeks, for two months.


The One Page Plan 

The engagement of coaching includes your spending time with YOU and writing. What are your goals? Break them down from small picture to big picture. 


In this step, many hairstylists can’t articulate where they see themselves in their careers. They don’t look ahead, and most do not plan. Some stylists fear they will fail if they set their bar too high; some just don’t care or simply don’t know that coaching is available. Then people live from day to day until they get broadsided by a life occurrence.



We look at the resources you have to accomplish what you desire and plan accordingly. No stone goes left unturned. 


Resources come in many forms; a couple that we look at are your human resources and economic. What relationships do you foster in your personal life and your business? Whether you work for yourself, rent a chair, or are an employee at a salon. You probably have more resources than you think.


Your economic resources are probably more than what you think as well. First, we must look at where you are. I don’t know about you, but most of us learned not to discuss money, even when we fail. Yet, If I am to coach you, we need full transparency. 


Facing our money head-on is the only way to go. We will create a cash flow chart for a year, including your income and all your expenses. This picture, if you will, will give you the ability to revise as you move forward. Knowing these numbers allows you to see just how much growth will happen; only by shedding light on the subject, you become aware of corrections that need to be made and naturally occur.



We then look at timelines you have or intend to have. You can arrive at these holistically, without badgering yourself, or by arbitrary deadlines. These timelines you create are rooted in your set goals and serve as a framework so that you can perform what is needed to manifest them.



Next, I hold you accountable for what you say you want. NO HOLDS BARRED… No movement happens if you can’t let yourself be supported. Ask yourself, “Am I coachable?” The Up Your Salon Game program is not for those who have their arms folded or need to be right about their life story.


Coaching is for those high-performance hairstylists out there who desire change and are willing to roll up their sleeves to get into the nitty-gritty of their life; honestly look at what is not working to shift. 


I hope this is you. 2021 will be a year for rebuilding, remaking, rethinking for the beauty industry at large; let coaching be the first action you take to ensure it is successful for you in all the ways you need it to be and want it to be. Let’s create your future together.


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