How to Jump Start Your Self-Care Routine in 7 Days

How to Jump Start Your Self-Care Routine in 7 Days

Is Self-Care Just Drama?

Self-care used to be considered hokey or unnecessary fluff. But recent statistics reveal that stress levels of about half of all Americans are getting worse instead of getting better.  


Now, large companies, leaders, activists and volunteer organizations see the essential need and benefits of healthy habits and self-care is as necessary, as loving your children. 

Obviously, self-care isn’t just melodrama.  It is essential for maintaining wellness and self-love.  In short, it will keep you healthy and sane.

We, at Up Your Salon Game, have taken it a step further by creating for you a 7- day challenge, and all the necessary support you need is in this downloadable Self-Care Survival Kit

There are 8 areas of self-care in this guide adapted from  We want to make sure that we will take on a holistic approach in the challenge that we have prepared for you.  You can use these to jumpstart your self-care routine as you pursue holistic wellness.


What Does Self-Care Mean to You?

What I hope and dream for, is you discovering a new, and deeper relationship with yourself. What would that look like for you?

  • more sleep
  • showing gratitude
  • more nature
  • talking to a friend more regularly
  • wearing your mask
  • time with your husband
  • uninterrupted with your child
  • being more honest with yourself
  • cleaning out one closet
  • eating less
  • eating more
  • taking a lunch
  • buying less
  • start that meditation practice
  • more time with yourself
  • craft
  • journaling 
  • prepare your meals
  • to name a few.

Completing this challenge means taking your own health and well-being into your own hands.


The 7-day Challenge

Day 1: Physical Self-Care

Eating habits in salon back rooms can be pretty scary. Indulgence comes to mind. It’s like a bunch of vultures whenever food comes out. People stealing each other’s food, eating whatever is quick and easy, or spending money on lunches that leave us feeling bad, because we just blew our budget for meals.

Mindset reset. How you eat can set the tone for your day, and your life?

This is where nurturing yourself has to take priority, if you don’t want health issues down the road. 

Eating fresh food can feel like a luxury, particularly in some parts of the country where fresh is not readily available. Choose organic with thin-skinned veggies and fruits, if you can.

When grocery shopping, avoid the middle aisles. These aisles are mostly filled with additive filled foods that do us little good.

Add these enriching oils to your diet:

  • olive oil
  • avocado oil
  • pumpkin seed oil
  • flaxseed oil
  • Coconut oil for high heat cooking and use with food that benefit from the flavor

Add whole grains to your diet, soaking beans and grains with a couple of tablespoons of vinegar first

Choosing nuts, veggies, hummus, hard boiled egg, veggie smoothie from home, for snacks during the day if you need energy

Lessen your sugar intake. If you do have a sweet tooth, have a piece of dark chocolate, or bake something from home. Fresh is always better

Enjoy nurturing yourself and see what a difference it makes to actually support your health while in the salon.


Day 2: Psychological Self-Care

Okay, take five minutes today and sit with yourself. 

Each day, take five more. Keep adding time, until you are up to 30 minutes.

feet on the ground

palms down on your lap

rest your eyes in front of you, or close them

relax your jaw

Now, place your attention on your breath, particularly the out breath.

Whenever your mind gets busy with thoughts, simply say the word to yourself, “Thinking”, and bring your attention back to the out breath.

Meditation practice not only supports your health and well-being, but helps:

  • reduce stress
  • gain new perspective
  • build stress management skills
  • help you in the salon with stressful situations
  • focus on the present
  • increase imagination and creativity
  • sleep better
  • increase patience
  • become more self-aware
  • decrease negative emotions

I hope you can see there is everything to gain from sitting… 


Day 3: Spiritual Self-Care

Being in nature is another way for us to connect to ourselves, and offers a chance to realign our mind and body. Walking in it, allows for our head to clear the clutter. We get in touch with our heart, our breath, and our bodies.

Everything moves so fast in this world, the need to ground our bodies is crucial to our being able to be present in our lives.

Feel the wind on your face

Feel the dampness on your skin

Smell the dry earth

Listen to all that is going on when you are out there

Let your senses come to life, and bring that to your next consultation.

Enjoy your day!

Day 4: Social Self-Care

Our mental health, particularly as we move into this third spike in the pandemic, is to be nurtured. The need for connection with family and friends is key to our well-being.

We need to remember voicing our concerns, questions, and fears, and calling attention to the grief and sorrow is SO important and needed. 

This is self-care.

Zoom with a good friend. 

Call a friend.

Write a letter to a friend or family member.

Remember, our kids are watching. Show them what self-care looks like.


Day 5: Financial Self-Care

Buy less. 

That is right. Place a moratorium on your shopping for a week. Nothing. Zero.

How many people do you know that spend, spend, spend on expensive clothes, and shoes?  Their closets filled, and yet their hearts ache for something deeper. They just can’t get enough to fill the empty space.

The empty space is where the richness lays. Do we dare to feel whatever is there? 

This is self-care.


Day 6: Environmental Care

Years ago I mentioned taking a digital detox, and now, it even seems more important. 

Our devices can very easily take over our lives in the guise of saving time. But in actuality, adults are spending 10-12 hours a day on their devices! Yikes. And we are setting an example for our kids?

So much screen time can add to:

Sleep deprivation

Depression and anxiety

Chronic back neck pain

Shutting down an hour before bed allows us to slow our minds down and rest our eyes.

Keep screens away from where you eat and sleep.

Time away from our screens allows us to get back in touch with the humans in our lives. 

Pick up a book instead. How rare it is to even see a book in someone’s hand? Who knows you may even get through the stack of best sellers near your bed at some point?

Sundays are great days to enjoy a digital detox.


Day 7: Professional Self- Care

Mondays are great days to take a mental or written inventory of where you are in your business. 

As you relax today, think about your salon life to figure out where you sell yourself short. Do you undermine your fellow stylists, your manager, the owner, your clients, and most importantly– yourself?

Three points for you to consider here.

  1. Boundaries are absolutely necessary. They act as your bumper rails as you are out in your salons, they help guide you, and mold your clientele. The stronger and clearer you are, the more people can support you, and your values. Your values will actually be more evident without you even speaking about them if your boundaries are clear.
  2. Your conversations in the chair ought to be about the client. Be mindful of topics you bring up. Let them lead. Inform yourself about the world
  3. Communication- clean, honest, no blame. Learn to communicate from the I position rather than You, which inevitably makes people defensive.  Always ask your clients permission to take a photo, and you better have a photo release signed and filed when you post on social media


Working towards building your own business or diving into a new career comes with a wave of different emotions. Sometimes you’re highly motivated by your passion and the endless possibilities that wait for you up ahead; other times you’re overwhelmed with challenges and constant self-doubt. All the different emotions you experience are all part of the journey.


Woman with a knitted sweater


When you feel like you’re in a rut or are in need of new inspiration to fuel that business idea, job search, or passion project – use that as an opportunity to revisit creative outlets you used to love, or explore new ones.


Putting a paintbrush to paper, canvas, or an object you find around the house is an effective and low-key way to spark creativity. Painting ignites your imagination and lets you see familiar things from a different perspective or in an entirely new light. Letting your paintbrush freely move about your canvas puts your brain into exploration mode and helps you to become more innovative with your ideas.

[tweetthis]”Inspiration for our work can come from watching a sunset at the beach.” REBECCA BEARDSLEY[/tweetthis]


Whether it be in a blog post or a journal, writing can draw out your inner most thoughts and dreams. It’s been said that some people don’t truly know how they’re feeling until they see the words come out on paper. If you’ve been thinking about writing but have been hesitant because you feel you don’t know what to write about, just grab a pen and paper and start. The words will come to you, and they might even be in the form of new goals and ideas. Start by simply reflecting on things that make you happy, things that make you sad, or perhaps things about the world around you that you wish you could change.


Moving your body is a great way to let loose. It’s helps to free up space in your mind, making room for new ideas. In addition to boosting energy, reducing stress, and minimizing the side effects of depression, dancing actually has a way of helping you make better decisions. When you find yourself faced with a number of different directions you could go in, blast your favorite high-energy music and dance it out in the privacy of your home or out on the dance floor!



There’s nothing quite like getting your creative juices flowing by putting your hands in the dirt! There are a ton of different garden activities that are good for both your mental and physical health. When you’re feeling so overwhelmed you feel like throwing in the towel, imagine how good it would feel to get your hands in the soil and pull out some pesky weeds. This will help you let go of some of that frustration and allow space for solutions and new ideas. Something as simple as raking dead leaves can also give you that similar satisfaction. Think of the leaves strewn about your lawn as your problems and stresses. Raking them away leaves your lawn looking healthy, fresh, and with plenty more room to grow. That action represents you clearing your mind of things that no longer serve you, making more room for you to grow as a person, entrepreneur, or creative.

Other ways that can help you reignite your creativity are things like knitting, re-organizing a section of your home, daily exercise, trying out new recipes, and so much more.

Your creativity is what makes you unique. You need to constantly nurture it so it continues to grow, blossom, and help you achieve all the glorious things you want out of your life.




Creative Burnout

As artists, it’s to be expected. But when it happens to you, its debilitating intensity may come as a very unwelcome surprise.

For stylists, creative burnout is especially difficult. In part, this is due to the prevailing (and infuriating!) misconception that we’re not artists. For some reason, the general public tends to think of us as on par with a mechanic, a waitress, or a cashier. All those are respectable occupations, but few in them consider their work to be an artistic expression.

Woman at a crossroads.




The beauty industry is competitive and burnouts are frequent. It is difficult for many of us to remember to take care of ourselves amidst the glamorous chaos. Don’t let your lucrative career as a hairstylist or barber fall through the cracks! Many of us have reached a crossroads in our careers where we feel we have had to decide between ourselves or our business. When you reach this point, it’s best to talk to a professional – either a licensed therapist or another veteran beauty guru – who can help you. In the meantime, here are a few tips to keep up your self-care in tumultuous times.




Every industry experiences pitfalls that are unique to that business and the beauty profession is no exception. Two of the primary pitfalls in the beauty industry is the toll it can take on your mental and physical health. If you’re experiencing a crossroads in your career primarily due to physical or mental issues it can be disheartening and even frightening. After all, you chose this profession because you have a passion for beauty and helping others look and feel their best, but now you’re feeling anything but your best.

Hairdresser styling a blonde woman’s hair into a bun.


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