The metaphor of being at the crossroads originates from 4-way street junctions and having a choice as to which way to turn. This moment of suspense is often over-whelming and suspense-filled. Here at the Hairstylist Mentor, we know what encountering personal, business, and creative crossroads feels like and hope to our stylists. Whether you are a beginning, mid-term, or veteran stylist, we all have these precious possibilities. What happens when we reach a crossroads in life and weigh that against what is the “right” thing? 

Woman getting her hair styled by multiple people.

Is what I’m doing dangerous, illegal, or going to cause harm to myself or others?

Chances are that if you’re at the point in your career where, say, you want to open your own salon and have the monies, then the choice is hardly dangerous. When you learn to trust your own intuition, you will make choices in life. You can quickly eliminate those that would harm yourself or others. In this scenario, what is “right” is what is legal; there’s not much to consider from this standpoint. 

Is what I’m doing atypical or non-standard?

In this choice, imagine that you had your own salon and always went with a certain vendor for products. All of your pals that you’ve met along the way told you that the product is top-notch and the sales people offer lots of perks. Yet, whenever you’re on the floor, you get complaints from your clients that the hues damage their hair. Or, your stylists tell you that the company doesn’t offer enough colors. Here, what’s “right” is not what everyone else defines as “right,” it’s based upon a series of feedback that gave you a different opinion. 

Is worrying about doing the “right” thing interfering with my growth?

When we’re at a crossroads, that’s the first sign of growth. We sense the choice and our minds and hearts begin to engage in decision-making. The important takeaway about crossroads is to logically evaluate some aspects of the decision (ex. is it legal? Is it moral?). If your heart is motivating you, then these questions help you examine your motivations. Overtime, as a businesswoman or businessman, making decisions builds your confidence and helps you shine. 


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