Revelations Are Just The Beginning

Have you ever asked the question, “How long will I be able to stay in this business?” Or, “How am I ever going to make a living in this industry I love so much?” Maybe you even notice resentment is starting to build up, or your body is in so much pain you have to self-medicate to get through your day. Through my observations and experience as a stylist, salon owner, and educator, I’ve noticed in the industry that hairdressers are the most empathic group of people, but along with that is a great deal of silent suffering.

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When you walk in to salons, you can see it, you can feel it. The pressure is real and there is almost a manic quality to the stylists. As hairstylists you work against the clock, create on the fly, deal with pressures of reaching your next financial goal so that you can pay your bills, and move up in the salon – so much pressure, and most undoubtedly, you have quit breathing in the process.

With such a great emphasis on getting to the top, whatever that means to you, and being the best, your own nature, your own soul, your own values can get lost. Yet when you look at the top stylists, they are tired and overworked, and underpaid. They lack a sense of balance and happiness in their lives, and quite possibly are still not able to make a decent living, and still looking to make a name for themselves.

I say “they,” but I speak from personal experience. Life gets out of whack. Maybe you don’t sleep enough, or eat the way you know makes you feel good. Maybe you are even mildly depressed, and overweight by your standards, and just living day to day, Crossing your fingers and hoping you can pay your bills is real, and sometimes maybe your are willing to sell your soul to get food on the table for your family. In these times it may be easy to buy into the mentality of “striving to stay on top” mentality, which creates an unnecessary need to compete with each other.

They say you teach what you need to learn. This is true and not true. As I have worked my way toward being a National Artist for the #1 beauty brand in the world and a Style Council member, working with the best educators in the country, it is easy for my own self-care to fall by the wayside. I’ve strived hard to get where I am, and nobody has handed me anything. There are always strategies that I keep on point, like my writing, my walking, taking a few minutes to sit with myself, getting together with friends and laughing, remembering to drink water, and hug my husband and daughter.

None of us is perfect, and those at the top have their own issues. None of us escapes the inevitability of needing to face our own demons.


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We slip, we fall, some of us never get started. Some of us pretend not to care and act is if there is no tomorrow. One day this catches up with you. It isn’t sustainable. If you really want to make something of yourself and your career, you will need to do something to change.


Self-Care for Hairdressers was born out of the desire to help you recognize the triggers of stress and burnout, and to offer solutions to a problem that is so common, and yet goes unmentioned in our industry. The idea is to change the paradigm for which our industry perpetuates.

To get a taste of what is to come with my book, click here for my free guide. 5 Amazingly Simple & Effective Self-Care Strategies that Will Lead Hairdressers to a More Joyful Career. This guide is full of easy things you can do to feel more connected to yourself, right now. Keep it at the salon and share it with others. Let’s open up a discussion about our stressors and share. We can begin to take full responsibility for our lives and know what true happiness is, while giving to others.

I just gave a haircut to a neighboring stylist who is a wonderful hairdresser. She is kind, lovely, and very generous to clients. She has a hard time raising her prices, she is booked solid for three months, and her body is in pain. She ponders leaving the industry to find something that would not be as taxing on her. This is real, folks. I have lost count of how many hairdressers I speak to that have physical issues, and yet when you ask them what they do for themselves, there is silence.

At the end of the day, we all want to make an impact, but until you can make self-care a part of your normal routine, you will have nothing to give, and no one will follow. Personal freedom remains out there somewhere. If you want a long, creative life, you have to evolve, and when you do, everyone around will as well.  You will attract more of what you want in your life. You do not have to do business like you were taught in beauty school, running like machines until you drop, work 70 hours a week, and skip lunch. I’m not talking about being disengaged; I’m talking about self-care.

My personal commitment is to bring about change, one hairdresser at a time, so that we keep our hairdressers intact and thriving through a long, prosperous career. As each individual stylist begins to change their own life, you will bring up the industry to heights your predecessors couldn’t imagine.

Whether you are an old hat at self-care, or a beginner, or have no clue what I am talking about but are curious, I am sure this book will be of interest to you. Even your clients will read it and say, “Wow, I never thought about these issues hairstylists face.”



Take an inventory of where you are right now in your career. Ask yourself, “How am I taking care of myself?” List the ways in which you do, and don’t. Be honest with yourself, for this is where change can occur.



Enjoy this lovely 10 minute body scan meditation by Greg de Vries.


Click here if you desire a powerful conversation to get yourself on track with your career.

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