Your Answers Will Be Put To Work Instantly

Have you ever wanted to participate in something bigger than yourself, and get instant gratification knowing your advice will be taken to heart? Here is your chance. I’m asking for your help me build the best blog in the beauty industry, full of resources for you, tips to help you in your life, career, relationships and make you wildly successful in whatever way that means to you. Your answers to these questions in survey that follows will be put to work instantly to create more content for you. Thank you up front for engaging in this conversation.

Your opinion matters

To build the best content, I need to know what you are interested in, what worries you at night, what makes you get up in the morning to do what you do, what ails you in your business, your life and your partnerships. This is a direct connection between us and will allow me to do research what matters to you, to compile data, to find new systems, to help make your life easier, and your careers soar. There are plenty of place for you to get craft knowledge on how to perfect your hair color skills, or your cutting skills. But there are very few resources for us on how to actually get more business, marketing, or personal side of how we can sustain ourselves through out our careers. And fewer yet, that your feedback will be taken to heart, and integrated into the future plans for my blog and website.

In the article by the Houston Chronicle, The Importance of Customer Feedback, by Rick Suttle, he states,

“Customer feedback is paramount when determining a customer’s needs and tastes, particularly when a business introduces new products.”

In fact, what if you gave a survey to your clients.  It’s a vulnerable act to ask for feedback, and hear what your clients actually feel and think about your business. They are your most valuable asset. As you are to me.


[tweetthis]”Your clients’ feedback is a valuable assets to your salon business.” REBECCA BEARDSLEY[/tweetthis]


Ask them just a few questions like, how they found you, how long they have been coming to you, how happy are they with the service, service menu, products, hours, salon esthetic, prices. You will actually get a real time sense of how your salon is doing, and where you might want to focus some attention.  You might also know more about where to apply your energy for marketing, or introduce a few esthetic changes. Ask them about who they see as your competition. Yes, that’s right.  And why. These will all lead you to growth, which is what you want, right?




I’m obviously not a big corporation with tons of products. However, If you are reading my blog, you are my customer, and the content is my product. It’s free. However, I would like to grow this work into a sustainable product for you and for myself. Many hours go into creating a blog post, but the it has to mean something to you, otherwise it’s a waste of time. Surveys are an important way for companies, however large or small, can better serve their audience.

I’m asking you take a few minutes out of your schedule to fill this survey out, and share with me your thoughts. The sooner I get your answers, I’ll upload charts and an infographic with results. This will be fun. You don’t have to go anywhere, to any other link.  Just answer right on the form, and submit your crucial answers.



Thank you for your help!



Take a few minutes and create your own survey.  Super easy using google forms. You can embed the code directly in a email.



This talk will give you some perspective.



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