3 Proven Strategies to Embrace the New Normal in Your Salon

3 Proven Strategies to Embrace the New Normal in Your Salon

Are You Ready to Adapt in Salons Post SIP Orders?

The beauty industry has been hit hard by Covid-19 and the shelter in place (SIP) orders. This actually translates to a whopping $57.9 billion estimated drop in the industry this year.

We have all witnessed the effects of the pandemic in varying degrees in our respective practice as salon professionals.

Your independent stylist practice or the salon you work in may feel and look different. You may be noticing a slow down in business. Some clients are not returning yet, others clients are still afraid to step inside businesses. Of course, we understand and expect that, but it may be freaking tough out internally.

You may not be working at full capacity, not able to double-book like you used to. Or you may not be able to see as many clients in a day, working less hours. It’s crazy, right? We never thought there would be external influences like this on our ability to work.

But the beauty industry has always been resilient in the past. We can always find ways to bounce back.

The question now is…

How do we adapt when we don’t even know if we’ve landed on any firm ground yet?

I suggest a three-pronged approach which we will cover over the next three weeks. We will discuss measures that you can take in the areas of Business and Money, Life Work Balance, and Self-care.

Let’s tackle Business and Money this week. Here are the 3 simple but effective action steps you can take right now to adjust to the new normal:

1.  Track Finances

Figure out your cash flow for the next six months. Staying on top of your finances will help you adjust your spending accordingly and will help you see any income gaps.

Do you need to make an extra $500 to buy that new salon equipment that might go on sale this Black Friday? Then you can make saving plans with the help of a simple cash flow chart.

Keeping track of my income and expenses monthly and forecasting six months out helped me get out of debt, and SAVE. If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic, it’s that we need to SAVE more. You can’t see what you don’t track. Remember, cash is king. Save it!

You can check out my sample Cash Flow Chart here. So you can start tracking right away!

2.  Show Client Appreciation

Reach out to every client that has referred a new client to you in the last six months and write them a thank you note.

Our existing clients are gold. They already know us. And if they referred us to others, it means we have delivered. Going the extra mile by showing that we appreciate their recommendations ensures that we stay “top of mind” as a stylist.

I’ve even called clients and they so appreciate it. Think about it, those people who are timid of coming out get a call from their stylist? They love it, not only do they feel appreciated, but we cannot underestimate the power of our voices. You will enjoy hearing theirs as well. Even if they don’t come back, you are putting energy and good will out into the world. This goodness will come back to you.

The clients I’ve called, whom I served for years and haven’t returned yet are still sending checks for their services. This is the power of maintaining some continuity in your communication with your clients and saying “thank you”.

3. Innovate Ways to Connect

Use technology available to make your client feel confident about your services in these uncertain times.

That’s right, for those clients who haven’t returned yet, they might be anxious. They need to see what the process is like walking into the salon, post SIP orders.

So create a welcome video right from your phone and include it in an email. Or a quick salon video tour showing them exactly what will happen when they walk in. They will value the insight and ensure you are taking protocol seriously.

Assuring your clients that you are looking out for their safety and going out of your way to connect with them means a lot. These simple actions show that you are competent and you truly care for their safety.

Our connection with clients needs nurturing in order to to make lasting relationships. If we delight our clients by building true friendships that go beyond the stylist and customer relationship, we are making an indelible mark in their lives.

As we prepare our businesses and careers during the new normal, we don’t just talk of business as mere numbers or money. Success in our industry involves building relationships and nurturing our clientele. We could be the only people listening to our clients’ challenges, concerns or worries from behind the chair.

During these uncertain times, it is these tried and true business strategies that work. The steps I’ve shared with you are simple and easily actionable. Implement them and let me know how it goes for you.

Make sure to watch for tips on how to maintain Life-Work balance as a salon professional in these unprecedented times.


30 Success Strategies On Being An Independent in a Salon

30 Success Strategies On Being An Independent in a Salon

Despite The Negative Press From Within The Industry

Have you been told before that being an independent in a salon is a bad idea, or that renting a chair is looked down upon in the beauty industry? I’ve heard everything – independent contractors are lazy, or they’re not interested in education or keeping their skills up, to name just a few. The role of an independent can be very confusing and fraught with details, start up costs, regulations to be aware of, the perception in the industry, or salon owner abuses. However, there is always another side to the story. These 30 strategies on being an independent in a salon will help you be successful, should you choose to walk this path and despite the negative press from within the industry. They come from the experience of 28 years of being self-employed and 3 years as an employee.

Leaping Girl

photosnap.io/Daniel Bowman




That Could Make Or Break Your Business

How you respond to a client’s dissatisfaction says a lot about who you are as a hairstylist. Let’s be honest, it’s a sad day when a client returns to your chair and he/she/they are dissatisfied, and if you’ve been in the business any length of time, it’s happened a few times. No matter how long you’ve been styling hair, you never want to hear your client is unhappy with your work. Here are fifteen ways you can respond to a dissatisfied client. You choose.






Help Yourself and Your Community

Do you ever wonder how you can best utilize social media for the growth of your salon, or of you as an independent stylist? Do you ever wonder why your posts may not equate to sales? You ask yourself, “I guess I better post pictures of my toes or my pooch.” If you are a hairstylist at this moment in history, you are more than likely on at least one social media platform, if not several. Perhaps you post on topics such as the restaurant you ate at last night, or selfies of yourself and friends, or maybe even of hairstyles you like or a hair color you just gave your client.





Do Your Homework

Landing a job in this market, with so many hairstylists out there, may seem a daunting task to even think about finding the right salon for you. Fortunately, the beauty industry is growing at such a rapid rate – more than a lot of industries – and the population is growing, so more hairstylists will be needed. Don’t be fooled, however. There may be salons you don’t want to work in, which leaves a more competitive market for the good salons. Sometimes these salons even go to the schools to hand-pick the best students. You want to do everything in your power to represent yourself well. Let’s face it, you may have gone to a good school (or not) but you need the experience to grow, and you need the right environment in which to thrive. So do your homework!

123rf.com/Ariadna De Raadt

123rf.com/Ariadna De Raadt


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