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Are you finding the salon or barbershop you are working in more difficult to deal with every day? Like, the stimulus overload is making you lose your mind? It might be time to find a way in to taking care of your self and your spirit. This list of top 10 ways to reclaim your joy in your salon will help you identify the triggers that are dragging your

As stylists you are constantly dealing with so much stimulus that you become immune to the toll it takes.on your mind, body and spirit. You pretend that it doesn’t matter, but it can cause great issues down the road, psychologically, spiritually, and emotionally. In the short term it makes you cranky, but in the long term the price is high, and rarely gets discussed. You’ve actually normalized the salon can be downright crazy making, especially if you are a sensitive or an introvert. You deny the impact of the energy that you try to protect yourselves from, or take in. One day, this will not work anymore, your body will say no more.


[tweetthis]”Tell the truth first about what is not working, then seek solutions.” REBECCA BEARDSLEY[/tweetthis]


In the article, Overstimulation: Taming a Modern Problem That Leads to Anxiety, Deane Alban says,

“We undoubtedly live in a noisy world. We are continually deluged by sounds that did not even exist 100 years ago — vehicle traffic, television, leaf blowers, muzak, and smartphones. The problem has gotten so bad that a World Health Organization report labeled noise pollution a “modern plague.” She addresses some interesting points about causes of anxiety, which can be applied to salons and barbershops.

To start, you need to look at yourself, and set aside blaming the salon or the other stylists. You really need to look at your part in this scene, your longevity in the beauty industry depends on it.


  • Like any other addiction, the pain may need to get bad enough for you to recognize what is going on, and recognize you are in pain. Identify what is bothering you. Is it the lack of support?
  • Declare for yourself what you want. This isn’t always easy, but you need to focus on you for a minute what your dream is for your life, if you are caught up in survival, its really easy for your world to get small. You are the only one that can give this to yourself.
  • Look at your work schedule. Are you working so much, you don’t have time to take care of yourself?
  • Take time to discuss your pay with your salon owner. Because if you are still struggling financially, even though you are booked solid, there might be a disconnection here.
  • Exercise. If your body is in pain, you may need more core support. See a doctor or wholistic health provider and start addressing your physical being. Many stylists, barbers, and beauty professionals don’t take the time to acknowledge how their bodies are even feeling. Tune in.


  • Take a yummy healthy lunch to look forward to and go outside, or another room, or space to enjoy your nourishment. If you are still pounding down Cokes, and fast food, you need to make some changes. Make alternative choices and you will start feeling better.
  • Take quiet time on your breaks and get out of the salon. Clear the energy in yourself, so you can go back in with a grounded self. Let nature help restore you.
  • See if you can change your station to be be somewhere else in the salon that might be quieter.
  • Ask for music that is more soothing versus frenetic, pounding, or just plain irritating. This is probably the hardest to control. Everybody has a different opinion, but put a plug in for yourself.
  • Define your space at your station by not allowing in the salon craziness. Create a energetic bubble that people will not want to disturb. Don’t let people interrupt you.
  • Check out your blowdryer. Is it heavy, an awkward shape, too loud, making your job harder? Does your dryer emit EMF’s, which we will discuss in another post.
  • Keep your fellow stylists honest. If they are too loud, check in with them, let them know you are finding it difficult to concentrate, or hear your client.
  • Encourage your salon owner to redesign the salon and create flow, and good vibes in the space. Bringing in tasteful design elements can really change the energy in a salon. Try Feng Shui.
  • Last but not least, you may need to find another salon to work in if these changes don’t help, or if you continually meet resistance. You are the only on that can take care of you.

This is just the beginning. As you take responsibility for your own unhappiness, and discomfort, you allow yourself to explore options that can bring you more peace of mind. This is a courageous move, and will open up possibilities for more joy. After all, life can serve up difficulties, but they are an opportunity to look inside and see where change can happen.
Carolyn Gregoire, in her article, An Introverts Guide to Surviving(And Thriving) in The Workplace, says,

“At the heart of it, introverts and extroverts respond really differently to stimulation,” Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power Of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking, tells The Huffington Post. “Introverts feel most alive and energized when they’re in environments that are less stimulating — not less intellectually stimulating, but less stuff going on.”

What she goes on to say in her article is that our workspaces are all wrong, and I can see how this applies to salons, big time.

[tweetthis]Finding a quiet spot to work on your own might be difficult in an open-concept office, but it’s worth exploring conference rooms or asking your boss about finding a space where you can enjoy a little peace and quiet throughout the day, especially when you’re feeling stressed. The solitude could boost focus and creativity. Carolyn Gregoire [/tweetthis]

Taking care of yourself in this most fundamental ways will allow you to stay in this industry that you love for a much longer length of time. You must find a way that is conducive to your sensibilities, your mind set. Pay attention to your body.

These top 10 ways to reclaim your joy in your salon can help you tune into the wisdom inside you, to discover your intuition and hopefully a bit of peace about your career, and help you make some sound decisions if things don’t change. You can open up the door to your creativity, when you start dealing with what is not working. This is called designing your life. Good luck and if you need help working through your own situation. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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