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Dear Salon Stylist

You’ve been running to keep up for awhile now, and YOU forgot YOURSELF along the way.

Your craft is humming along, but you are ungrounded in your life and business. Especially after Covid19 and sheltering in place. It’s like starting all over in some ways.

You are so caught up in keeping ahead of everyone else that the legs for your future success are wobbly. You don’t have a handle on your money, and your business skills are lacking.

It can be paralyzing to consider your take home pay, and what is left over after your bills. There is never enough to feel like you are moving forward.

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Welcome to your journey and self-discovery!


Rebecca Beardsley has been featured in…

Learn the Biggest Industry Secret


For the first time in our industry, Rebecca reveals the underlying issues our industry, millions of people around the world(including you), are facing as professionals in salons, and what you can happen when you choose not to deal with them.

Understand the challenges of taking care of others

Change your perspective on taking care of yourself, before it’s too late.

Have you ever asked the question, “How much longer can I last in this career?"

Experienced beauty professionals all over the world are still in need of being pro active in changing their behaviors, but often don’t have the support they need.

Rebecca has now taken the mystery out of how we can care for ourselves so we can continue to thrive in our careers. Her years of experience, knowledge, and caring nature is a much-needed dose of wisdom and medicine for all in the beauty industry.

Pepper Pastor

Director of Education, ghd® North America

As I read this book, I found aspects of myself-my personal and professional behavior-on almost every page! Rebecca offers great insights and solutions in her book that are easy to understand. She makes us aware that in order to care for others we must take the time to care for ourselves! A must-read!

Marlene Arce

Vice President, Education, L’Oréal USA

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