Time to Detox

Yep!  That is what we will be doing together, should you choose to take the leap of faith.  Why? The article in Time Magazine on December 15, 2015, titled “Americans Check Their Phones 8 Billion Times a Day,” by Lisa Eadicicco, states that the “average person looks at his, her, or their phone 46 times every day.” How about you? If you are a beauty professional, you are more than likely on the phone or iPad more times than that. Most of us make our appointments, do our banking, email, text, browse online, all at the same time. Your husbands, wives, kids, or friends have told you your obsession with technology is over the top, and driving them crazy, or you both are in it together.

 123rf.com/Kaspars Grinvalds

123rf.com/Kaspars Grinvalds

Given that cell phone use is up from previous years, there are numerous articles about the health risks of our indispensable phones, such as: Heavy Cell Phone Use Can Quadruple Your Risk of Deadly Brain Cancer,” by Dr. Mercola, January 6, 2015, as well as, Cell Phones and Cancer Risk,” by the National Cancer Institute. Then the article, Part 111: The Impact of Mobile Phones on People’s Lives,” by Aaron Smith, talks about the “broader impacts equally balanced between positive and negative ones.” The negative ones we are all aware of, constant connectivity, mental temptations, and distraction, not to mention an inability to connect to others on a one to one basis, even in restaurants. Yes, it’s become normal, but the toll this kind of connectivity takes on the body, mind, and soul cannot be refuted, not to mention the toll on intimacy and connection with those we care about.

Because your health, well-being, and longevity in this industry are important to me, and I love finding ways that we can take care of ourselves, like the ones discussed in my book, “Self-Care for Hairdressers,”  I’m excited to announce for the first ever hairdresser digital detox that will help you break free from this obsession and reclaim life balance, lower stress, and less anxiety.

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My friend Elizabeth and I enjoyed an hour and a half hike the other day in the Oakland Hills.  She lives in LA, is a Depth Psychologist, and teaches courses at Pacifica College in Santa Barbara, California. I respect Elizabeth a great deal, and consider her one of my smartest friends ever, and I always appreciate the wisdom she brings to our conversations. In one of her recent classes, she spoke of teaching a course on the topic of the effects of digital obsession in our lives. She gave homework to her class, a digital retreat. If this makes you freak out, read more.
A light bulb went on in my head.  Of course, this would be a brilliant journey to take with hairstylists.  So here it is.
1/2  Day Hairdresser Digital Detox:  This is for those who question whether they would even dare to do such a thing, and can’t imagine giving anything up for three days. The retreat consists of a half-day of no electronics, no devices, no TV, no films, no media.  Choose Sunday or Monday.
One Day Hairdresser Digital Detox:  This retreat consists of going 24 hours without any media, television, cell phones, computers, music, radio, or movies. Use your time to be with friends, family, quiet time, walks, exercise, drink water, eat and sleep well. Pay attention to your dreams as well. Journaling helps too. Choose Sunday or Monday.
Two Day Hairdresser Digital Detox:  This is for those who are really deep in their obsession and want to break free from their routine and decompress, and give their soul a lovely rest. This retreat consists of going 48 hours without any media, television, cell phones, computers, music, radio, or movies as well.  Notice when the urge to log on arises, and how often, jot it down in your journal. Give your self the time to do things you wouldn’t do that nurture yourself. Rest, play and enjoy. This retreat is all of Sunday, all of Monday, till Tuesday morning.  Tuesday evening, I will host a meeting with details to follow.
Technology is not going any where, in fact, it is only developing at such rapid speeds that we are not going to be able to keep up. In fact, we will need to find ways to ease our worry, anxiety and stress around the expectations of it all. As my friend Adriana Serrano says, “It is like we are on a plane flying through the sky as they are building it.” So true! Take any one of these retreats once a month, two months or six months. Start with the first one, then build up to the two day. Find fulfillment in the real things of life, and the people in your life.
If this sounds like something you would like to try, I am only accepting 15 people to take this journey with me. Choose the retreat you resist the most and notify me of your choice. I will hold the space for you, as I will be taking the retreat as well, through those two days. The retreat begins the morning of April 24th, at 6:00 AM EST through till the morning of Tuesday, April 26 at 6:00 AM EST. We will end with an hour virtual meeting Tuesday evening at 9:00 PM PST. I will send the attendees more specifics as we near, as well as the call in number.
Invite your whole salon accompany you on this journey. Once they get wind of what you are doing, and see the benefits, I bet they can’t resist. Support each other, take the retreat monthly, bi-monthly, or once a quarter. Guaranteed your environment will feel very different afterwards.
If you want to go away and can travel, you’ve go to check out Digitaldetox.com.  Looks like a hoot!
Or for a fancy version put out by Vogue.
Or, Entrepreneur created their own list:
If you would like help finding the value and the lessons of the challenges individually, please book an 30 minute powerful coaching conversation with me here

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